Paeroa Farm Services

Paeroa Farm Services Ltd is a locally owned and operated business that has been serving the farming community for over thirty-five years – from the Coromandel Peninsula to Northern Tauranga and across the Hauraki Plains.

We specialise in providing services to the milking machine and water pump industries. We offer service, and top quality products to cover all your dairy farming, water filtration & purification, swimming & spa pool needs.

Our product range and knowledge is extensive – we are continually training and up-skilling our staff which means we are always able to offer our customers the most up-to-date information available and the very best service.

We are the local Waikato Milking Systems Ltd dealership and the local Karcher Service Agent.

On the land we have equipment for your trenching needs with a 125hp tractor and trencher, diggers and spinning jenny’s to lay those underground water and effluent pipelines.

Paeroa Farm Services ltd works with many water treatment suppliers as water treatment is part of the business. One of those suppliers we work with his Davey water products NZ ltd and more specifically Acqua by Davey. Acqua by Davey supplies a water treatment system that are fitted to a skid, these skids we predominantly used in the dairy industry for treating water for dairy farmers but not exclusively and the skids can be quite simplistic and also quite complex depending on the water quality.

Davey are very clever in analysing the water to find out exactly the type of iron or magnesium or other minerals that you have in your water. To be able to remove the minerals by treating what is in the water they build the system specifically designed to suit your water, they also built the system depending on your water demand depending i.e. on the heard size that the farmer has. They have skids for farmers for 200 cows or more larger farmers that have over 5 or 600 cows. A recent example is of where we needed to use a 20-foot shipping container to be able to handle all the equipment that was required.

Farmers have commented by improving water quality they’re increasing milk production. We often installing UV systems and filters to kill bacteria another nasty bug that are in your water for domestic customers. We also work for commercial customers using UV through to reverse osmosis systems. Swimming pools is also another part of our business that Davey water products help us with, we have a lot of customers now using saltwater and minerals to treat the pool water. We are finding that the saltwater and mineral systems are making people’s lives easier as treating the water is done by the salt unit and people with a mineral water a saying there feeling that the water is leaving their skin feeling better after having the swims and they are feeling refreshed.

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